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Sep-09-2020 8:49 AM

With Ridley Scott confirming that there is ANOTHER Movie in the Works, and that it would LIKELY not Follow anything the Prequels had Covered.

We know the Prequels had NOT been to everyone's Cup of Tea, and after the Last One we know it was a Box Office Disappointment.   It would be UNLIKELY that Disney would want to Continue with the Prequels.

Would this NEW Movie be something NEW? Or some kind of Continuation?  Only TIME will tell.

It has been Quiet regarding the Franchise since 2018, it seemed RS was HOPEFUL he could Continue with his STORY that would take us to the Back Door of Alien.

But there was NOTHING near Concrete and Alien Day 2019 had come and GONE... the 40th Anniversary and NOTHING regarding the Franchise Future Theatrically.

We had Reports that Miss Weaver had seen a Draft to a ALIEN MOVIE, and we then LATTER got information that this was a Project by David Giler and Walter Hill who have played a Influential Role in the Franchise.

The Brandywine Official Website just leaves  us this PAGE.

Miss Weaver confirming she had a Draft from them for a ALIEN V.

Because of the LARGE ROLE that David Giler and Walter Hill and Brandywine have played with a LOT of the Franchise.  I suspect there is MORE to this Draft than merely a for FUN attempt like maybe Blomkamps was.

I STRONGLY ASSUME that this is the Project that Ridley Scott was Referring when he said about HOW there is INDEED a Movie in the Works.

"In space no one can hear you  dream." is the TAGLINE

It seems the IDEA would involve bringing back Ripley, and it would seem that SOME of the Franchise could just become DREAMS of Ellen Ripley.

My Questions to everyone are.

*What Movies do you THINK could become Dreams?

*What Movies would you LIKE to become Dreams?

*What are your thoughts on doing this kind of Retcon?

*Any Ideas about HOW they could do it, and WHAT could this ALIEN V show?

I think we may have to Bare in Mind that this Project seems to be more David and Walters Baby, as far as the IDEA, the Writing and Production.

Could they be Considering to USE some of the Ideas from their ALIEN Drafts that were NOT fully used in ALIEN?

Could they USE the Title Alien: Awakening?

After a Quiet Period it seems a Alien Movie has been Awoken and maybe it seems to Awaken/Shake Up the Franchise especially how things had Changed since 1987

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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Sep-09-2020 11:55 AM

>>>"In space no one can hear you  dream." is the TAGLINE

>>>Could they USE the Title Alien: Awakening?

Yes. These things are perfect for each other.


>>>My Questions to everyone are.

1) Alien 3 & Alien: Resurrection.

2) Alien 3 & Alien: Resurrection. xD

3) I'm not obsessed with canon. This is a very fragile concept that really doesn't cost anything. Therefore, I'm open to any retcon.

4) HOW? I'm not sure I understand the point. Do you mean the narrative explanation for the retcon (sort of like Dark Fates) or the technical one? WHAT? Well, anything.


>>>Could they be Considering to USE some of the Ideas from their ALIEN Drafts that were NOT fully used in ALIEN?

I don't think they attach much importance to ideas from 40 years ago. It's time to move on. Especially considering that their idea (The Alien: Cylinder Script) was already a kind used in Alien: Covenant.

I am more than sure that this will be something new. Perhaps it will be similar to Gibson's original plot - the first and the best representation of Alien 3.


Sep-10-2020 12:10 AM

I think they should go with a WY story. We haven't seen that yet so it's untapped territory.

Scott is busy with what could be 5 seasons of RBW and that is just fine. 

I think it would be neat to see what his son could do with the WY angle- movie or streaming series.


Sep-10-2020 4:49 AM

I think that if you want to catch people’s interest you got to get it right from the beginning. With the prequels being as underwhelming as they are I guess that it isn’t surprising that we have the situation that we have. The problem is that they have both had mostly poorly executed characters and have been about a mad robot. Obviously I repeat myself but if I say that I don’t like something or why a lot of people disagree with something in general I got to give an explanation why that might be.

"We know the Prequels had NOT been to everyone's Cup of Tea."

Tea or coffee depends on the time of the day. ;) It was a box office disappointment because they didn’t learn from Prometheus what people didn’t like.

Hopefully they will be able to do something new. I would prefer a spin-off rather than to have another Ripley-movie or a continuation of the prequels. Unfortunately I think that we would get more David with Scott involved so they need to get him out of the picture sorry for saying it but that is what I think is needed otherwise we will probably get something close to where we are now. Of course we could get a good third prequel but somehow I doubt it. Scott could be on as a producer at best but I am afraid that he would like to influence the story if they are not able to stop him from doing that.

One thing that I would like to see is completely new characters that have nothing to do with those that we have seen this far so no Ripley's cousin, not Daniel's sister, etcetera. Not only new characters but new personalities too or at least not copies, Daniels was too close to Ripley’s personality for example. To try to cut the ties as much as possible with what has been seems to be more exciting if you ask me because then you don’t need to be burdened with what has come before. You can go back and see what has been done before to find inspiration and if you find something where you can use the Engineers let’s say as a starting-point for new things then why not. While getting new ideas there shouldn’t be a need to feel hindered by what has been before although you can find commonalities (think for example Star Wars or Lord of the Rings).

My hope is that Ridley is done, as far as affecting the story and as director of the franchise. He is good with visuals but that’s it. You mention the 40th anniversary but I think that they got to think a lot of where they are now to get it right. I would rather have nothing compared to getting another disappointment.

Give me something new, at least something that isn’t about androids or Ripley.

"What are your thoughts on doing this kind of Retcon?"

That's a difficult question to answer. I'm afraid that they will keep 1 and 2 and erase 3, something that I refuse. Dreams: Erase AC and AR, maybe keep Prometheus but probably not and continue from there because I like how they introduced the Engineers but keep David away or reduce his role. More Engineers would be nice but they got to get them right. An Alien 5 should not erase Alien 3 and have no Ripley, other than that I am open to different things. Erase 2 and go from 1 to 3. ;) Oh I forgot, don’t let it take place on earth. :D To use old ideas, it depends on if they bring something interesting to the story and if they do then sure but I prefer new things. As far as the title is concerned it depends on what Awakening means, I can’t say yes or no to that.

I like the idea of the Engineers so I hope that they keep them in some way but maybe expand on them and explain their society and culture better. Keep them closer to the monster or maybe have something similar to the Engineers but more mysterious. To completely throw that away would be a pity because I like the idea, I don’t like how they were handled especially in AC but they should also have been better explained in Prometheus (for example the sacrificial scene and when the Engineer spoke to Weyland). Unfortunately they were like a lot of other things in Prometheus - good ideas but bad execution. If we don’t keep them then come up with another life-form and how their culture might be. Find a way to expand the franchise but that makes sense and is not too vague.

"WHAT could this ALIEN V show?"

New planets and cultures, new power-players outside of WY let’s say. Different companies because they are always fighting for power/market parts.


Sep-10-2020 5:02 AM

>>>I think they should go with a WY story.

Only as a spinn-off tv-show. The very idea that the next 5 years will be spent on a faceless film about the intrigue of suits is completely depressing. Perhaps even the most die-hard fans will leave after three decades of disappointment: A3 & AR in 90's, AvP & AvPR 10's, P&AC in 10's. If the fourth decade comes with a boring wy-suits experiment - well, the end.

But, dk, don't rush to argue with me! I'm only talking about the format of a feature film. Maybe a TV show about costumes is a good idea.


>>>RS was HOPEFUL he could Continue with his STORY

This is another thing that we can forget about. Ridley is a busy man. He has a big film schedule. If Disney wants to make (suddenly) a new Alien film, should they wait for Scott to complete all other business? It looks like Ridley is taking his time himself. A similar situation was with Prometheus 2/Covenant. Ridley only started filming AC when Blomkamp's film appeared on the horizon. Which could put his own film at risk. That is why the Covenant turned out like this. Scott had to make this film, otherwise he would have missed out on the franchise. But the most important question: should the FOX / Disney to wait for him? Ridley hasn't been interested in a new movie for about 30 years!


>>>new power-players outside of WY let’s say.

YES! I don't understand why people are stuck with WY. Alien: Isolation took the right step with Seegson. WY is all about bioweapons. It's boring and irrelevant. Bring in a new pharmaceutical mega-corporation chasing the medical potential of the xenomorph and the technology of engineers. THIS IS RELEVANT!

The era of conspiracy, bioweapons and suits ended with X-Files.


Sep-10-2020 9:00 AM

"I would rather have nothing compared to getting another disappointment"

I think thats Correct, i think while we GOT no NEWS on ALIEN DAY 2019 this was because there was NO real Movie in the Works and so Indeed if you HAVE NOT got the Right Story and IF you are Concerned to Continue with the Prequels would give you No Reward... then Disney would NOT just make a ALIEN Movie or Announce one just for the Sake of it.  Also you dont want to get Fans hopes up unless something is 100% in the Works.


I think Canon should come down to Personal Choice and i think when Blomkamp had touted his Project they had said that it would OFFER a Fork in the Road.

We dont know IF or HOW he would have done that (would he had used Cryo-Dream plot).   But if his ALIEN V had been made and then we got a ALIEN 6 then i think the idea as far as Canon would be that when we get to the END of ALIENS then there would be TWO Alternative Routes for Sequels.

So Fans could either like both or CHOOSE which they wish to Accept.  I Personally dont think you need to do any of this, i think that Ripley had her Journey and so you can go and GIVE us a ALIEN Movie that is NOT Connected to her.

The Prequels  are a Bad Dream for some Fans, i think while there was Potential i think they are at a STICKING POINT now with as FAR as how to Continue.... and so i think what Happens to the Covenant and David could remain a Mystery or more likely in the Context of the ALIEN V then these Prequels could be IGNORED.

And so maybe HINTS could be given to a Different Xenomorph Origin or maybe the WHOLE idea of the Xenomorpm Origins and the SPACE JOCKEY would be just IGNORED and kept a Mystery within Context to any kind of RETCON which is what i think ALIEN V will likely be.

David and Walter had a quite a Fair Share of Involvement and Input on a lot of the Franchise, but with this ALIEN V Project it seems likely that they would have a MAJORITY of the Say on it..... UNLESS its Plot etc is something that Disney are NOT so pleased with or think WONT make Money then the BUCK $ stops with them.

I think regarding the Direction  (assuming the Movie that is in the works is the Hill/Giler Project) it does seem that this IDEA is Anchored on Ripley and so with No Miss Weaver then a LOT of the idea would have to be RE-WRITTEN.

I think that Certainly we would see Alien 3 and Alien R removed as merely a Dream...  The Prequels i think would just be Ignored as if they NEVER Happened.

Maybe i am reading to much into this Quote on the Draft Cover though "All that we see or seem. Is but a dream within a dream"

Which could indicate that we could be shown something that would Question our View (Ripleys) about WHAT is Reality and what is Illusion (Dream).

A Dream within a Dream could but this is just Wild Speculation, but it could indicate that Ripley is Dreaming of the Events of ONE of the Movies and in her Dream she has another Dream which is where Alien 3 and Alien R occur.

So WHAT IF they also indicate that EVERYTHING from after the END of ALIEN is a Dream?

I think that would be a Mistake because to have ALIENS down as a Dream and so the Characters and Queen are just a Figment of Ripleys mere Imagination would be something that would UPSET the Fanbase (well a High %) as the Concept of David as the Creator of the Xenomorph.

A Problem that comes from this kind of Dream Angle is HOW do they deal with HOW our Miss Weaver has Aged since ALIEN and ALIENS.

You would ASSUME in Context to the Cryo-sleep Technology that for her too look like she has aged 20-30 Years we have to ASSUME she would have to be in Cryo-sleep for MUCH MUCH Longer than 40-50 Years.

So maybe a Large Portion of the Movie would be SET some 20-30 Years after she is Rescued from the Narcissus or the Sulaco.

I dont think they would throw a CURVE-BALL to reveal a 60 Year Old Ripley is being Tested on with some Device to IMPLANT a Alternative Reality Dreams and so all the EVENTS of the Franchise are  Dreams.  Because this would make the Xenomorph as just a Illusion.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-12-2020 4:11 AM

My kids will be interested with this kind of information. They love aliens!


Sep-14-2020 4:23 AM


I have an idea, you mention pharmaceutical companies. Medicines are something that people might look at as a automatically good thing but what if that company is trying to do something that looks good on the outside and is nasty on the inside in how the company works. This could continue the theme of corporate fuckery but it's another sort of company maybe not in its ultimate aim but in how they look at the outside. Maybe the theme could be that what could be decent people and how they become corrupt when they get into situations or structures where the aim is to just get benefits yourself and screw everyone over even though there are sides of you as an individual that are likable.

What if they have tried different things but that it didn't work but then they get to know that the Xeno could be beneficial for its genetic structure or whatever when it comes to making new medicines. Unfortunately it has a side-effect which they know about but they have put a lot of money into developing it so they want to get money from what they have put into the development of that. As with WY human lives are expendable to quote a famous movie. ;)

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