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Thy Shall Not Mention AVPR Forevermore: Silliness VI

Thy Shall Not Mention AVPR Forevermore: Silliness VI

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Sep-11-2019 3:02 PM

The cringe worthy train wreck that was AVPR is pretty much something that unites forum members. Let us hate on it! If you actually like AVPR, by all means, chime in- I would like to hear why you like it on its own merits alone. 

We have done this before (5 other times XD)- it is kind of free form so I will start with an obvious dud:

Note that the OT picture is a screen shot of just about any part of the movie :D

AVPR was so bad that my DVD player kept ejecting it.

13 Responses to Thy Shall Not Mention AVPR Forevermore: Silliness VI

Dark Nebula

Sep-11-2019 4:06 PM

AVPR was so dark and poorly lit, that I had to wear this thing just so I could see what was happening.

And even that didn't really help, movie itself was [email protected]


Sep-11-2019 4:06 PM

I think we REALLY need to look at the SET-UP, and remember that the Movie AVPR is a Sequel.

And so its a case of WHERE do they go NEXT?

So with the ENDING that was Scar Predator having a Chest Buster that leaves us with the Pred-Alien, then THIS was the likely ROUTE to Continue.......  Then its also likely your going to need Human Characters, and so it was Logical that the SHIP would be heading to Earth.

Your left then with the case of WHERE!

So do you have the Ship Crash in/near a City?, a Rural Small Town or a Isolated Village?   Then we come to the NECESSITY for it to be in a English Speaking Country, as this is more simple as SADLY yes most Movies do prefer to be based on English for Wider Access to Puplic. So then your left with going to say USA, Canada, Hawaii, the UK, or say Australia/New Zealand (there are other options).

So they decided the USA and to a Rural Town....

The PROBLEMS ARISE..... from having the Movie being a Continuation of a Time-Line of the 21st Century, but i guess its a case of would having the Setting be another Isolated Place like the Antarctic again work?

I am sure many had Wondered what happens IF the Xenomorph gets to Earth and a Populated Place, and WELL... this is what AVPR attempts to Answer.....   

So your already LIMITED to what you can do, but then the BIGGEST PROBLEM... is Purely the Execution...

Execution from how to Write a Story about such a Plot was a bit Flawed, the Execution of said Plot as far as Casting/Writing and Acting was Below Par and Special Effects was not as Great!

We get that with Movies though.... Alien Resurrections Execution was NOT as good as the Previous MoviesThe THING prequel Plot Wise it could have worked, it was how they Fleshed Out and explored such a Plot but more so Execution that was just Sub Par!

So it was the EXECUTION that was POOR...

We ENDED up with a Movie thats like a lot of Survival Horror Flicks.... such as you see on Sy-Fy Channel....

Where they are all basically the same apart from you replace the ANTAGONIST/MONSTER and the Plot of HOW they are Discovered, Introduced or Summoned and what they Look Like and How they Respond/Kill.....

So replace Xenomorph with Zombie, with Toxic Mutant, another Alien Species, Summoned Demon, Leprechaun etc.....  

And AVPR was just like those but throw in Xenomorphs!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-11-2019 4:47 PM

BD- you are way too kind to spend that much time on this turd.


AVPR was so bad, that when I put it out with the garbage, the automated truck made sure it was the only thing to stay in the garbage can.


Sep-11-2019 11:41 PM

Well, Predalien is pretty interesting.


Sep-12-2019 7:42 AM

I watched it for the 4th Time Last Night, well 3rd Proper Time and i just Considered it as a Stand Alone..... by that i imagined if i had never seen ANY of the ALIEN or PREDATOR Movies.

Then it was not so BAD.... it was like so many those Sy-Fy Channel Action/Horror Flicks with some COOL ideas for MONSTER/ALIENS

The Alien Procreation was interesting, but the Adults just mindless Killing Machines, that Died quite Easy... so like Camerons Bug Hunt...

The Pred-Alien seemed to be better as it was more Tougher, but the Interesting thing was the PREDATOR and its Technology and Weapons...

The Rest of the Movie was MEH!

So then you saw the Potential in HOW they could explore those Aliens and Predator in Future.....

NOW if you considered AVP prior, then you would think that Actually this sequel is a LET-DOWN the Predator was Good, the Ending a Bit Lame, the Pred-Alien had potential but the Xenomorphs just not as Good as the First AVP!

IF you Consider the WHOLE of the Franchises, then you would see that AVPR was just a Disappointing way to use the Alien and Predator....

The Final 3rd of the Movie was not Good, and the Human Characters and scenes were MEH! some worked, some Scenes just never seemed to belong to a ALIEN or PREDATOR Franchise...

I will say the EFFECTS are not so bad.... not as Good as some others in the Franchise.... the Biggest Problem was close ups of the FULL Xenomorph, where it just has the MAN IN A SUIT look...

Why in ALIEN a lot was not shown of it, and also in Alien Covenant we had CGI!

We have this Problem with some Close Ups from ALIENS and also in ALIEN 3 where the Man in the Suit Alien looks different to the Puppet/CGI Version.

AVPR is a movie i would only Re-Watch now for some of the Action/Death Scenes... as the rest is well not worth seeing again..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

I Raptus

Sep-12-2019 11:20 PM

I try to find something redeeming in AVPR, but there just isn't much to like about it. A failure of poor story-telling. Nothing emotionally resonate in the film at all.

It was the first Alien film where a child was directly chestburst and did you feel for him. Nope. It resonated less so than even Burke or one of the unnamed bald, old, convicts running around in the lead works of Fury.   

BD i've tried several times to sit through it too. I think after about 6 attempts (including the first cinema viewing) Ive made it through to end once. Its just boring, weak, and lackluster on every level  


Sep-12-2019 11:36 PM

AvP:R is a bad movie, but it has two redeeming factors IMO...

#1 - Wolf is the second best Predator ever after the one in the 1987 original, and

#2 - It is better than The Predator.


Sep-12-2019 11:58 PM

I will try to say something positive about AVPR. The eggs being forced down the woman's throat was pretty gruesome and well done.

I watched The Predator a couple nights ago and think it was better than AVPR by a large margin- but not really worth watching again.


Sep-13-2019 5:30 PM

Back to bashing even though I said we shalt not speak of AVPR again lol!

So a pregnant patient heart rate stops

Yet, she is found caccooned and yelling- obviously breathing and therefore a heart beat (the monitor reads a systole and not that any leads are disconnected). 

AND the offspring don't even have Predator dread locks or claws from the mouth- smdh



Sep-13-2019 5:30 PM

Back to bashing even though I said we shalt not speak of AVPR again lol!

So a pregnant patient heart rate stops

Yet, she is found caccooned and yelling- obviously breathing and therefore a heart beat (the monitor reads a systole and not that any leads are disconnected. 

AND the offspring don't even have Predator dead locks or claws from the mouth- smdh


I Raptus

Sep-14-2019 7:54 PM

DK you raise an interesting point about that scene. I think we should discuss the elephant in the room about the Predalien. I started a new thread as my response was too long for this thread.


Sep-15-2019 11:04 PM

AVPR was very dark and pretty much black at crucial parts.

They may have misinterpreted Dan O'bannon's premise for less is more. too much darkness actually bores people.


Sep-22-2019 5:43 PM

So i watched The Predator......

And.... well i am kind of Speechless ;)

PLOT: I think had Potential... The Effects were decent, its just the whole Writing Process, Silliness and Execution....

I thought The Last Jedi took Force Awakens and Messed up all that came before.....   i felt Alien Covenant also did that to ALIEN...

But then comes along The Predator... and well No Comment!

I am not sure it would WARRANT a 2nd Viewing... but then i said the same about AVPR, and i watched that 4 Times Now.... but i doubt EVER AGAIN!

Compared to the 1987 Movie... what a Joke!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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